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hello qhht

Elevator speech , sharing my business venture to the business sharing folks from, The Chamber of Commerce. Jovial silly jokes , coffee muffin or fruit , however you like to start your day. Ok me i was the second who read my written script. YEE HAW....Yes I am nervous. I need to do this plenty of times to get famliiar with the strangers that hold and behold are my family. Don't get confused .. Yes we are all family. . Back to business, one minute to share my infamous credentials to about 45 people. Yes, it went well. OK here it is:

-I help people discover their unique self with Hypnosis

-through hypnosis I help people tap into the facts stored in their subconscious mind

-During a session, I will ask your in depth questions. (Understand this , YOUR QUESTIONS) . About your health, job or business. sounds easy sneazy. we will see.

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