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Quantuum Healing Hypnosis/ Massage and Energy Coach consulting 

Aida Garcia is a unique practitioner in the Upscale changes of Hypnosis, taking an innovative approach to providing investigative services that will leave you understanding more about yourself . We provide our clients with a variety of options when it comes QHHT  (quantuum healing hypnosis technique, curious about your future business,  you want to know what foods are best for you , or you are ready to forgive someone that you have not been able to  resolve your trauma.  This technique is amazing, get in touch with me, Aida Garcia   I can help you.  Call:   479-502-2408 or throgh my email



Unifying our Light

Since 1977, Aida Garcia has been interested in hypnosis.  Her path has led her to Dolores Cannon’s studies of the Quantuum Healing Hypnosis Technique Acadamy (QHHT). Aida’s continual concern for humanity’s emotional and physical wellness has led her to different modalities, including Quantuum Hypnosis, Energy Coach Consulting, and, massage therapy. 

Aida provides these services in a safe environment to improve your life by providing clarity to you.

We are learning together!  Let’s get connected!

Desde 1977, Aida García ha estado interesada en la hipnosis. Su camino le llevo a los estudios de la famosa Dolores Cannon, Hipnosis Quántica de Sanación o Hipnosis Esotérica. Su preocupación con la salud emocional y física a llevado a Aida a variadas servicios, para proveer el mejor de ella. 

Aprenderás mucho conmigo y descubrirás lo mejor de ti.

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- Level One Practitioner of QHHT

- 10 years in massage business

- Attended Blue Cliff College

-Nivel Uno Practicante de QHHT

-10 anos travajo de Masaje 

-Attendio Escuela de masaje  2010

Blue Cliff College



"Love just is. Love has no opposite.  It is the answer to everything.. Everything."

Dolores Cannon


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